Haber Detay

Titreşimli elek çalışırken dikkat edilmesi gereken hususlar

Matters needing attention when vibrating screen is running
Check before running the vibrating screen: including equipment sanitation, complete, fastened, and intact connecting bolts at all parts, check whether the exciter is intact, check whether the springs are damaged, missing, or broken, and check whether the V-belt is tensioned or broken Whether the sieve box and sieve plate are damaged, check whether the sieve plate is blocked by debris, and the screen surface should be smooth and not damaged or loose. Check whether the inlet and outlet chute is unblocked. Check whether the control box, communication, and lighting are intact, whether the grounding protection is reliable, and whether the control buttons are flexible and reliable.

When starting: After opening the titreşimli elek, stand by the control box and monitor the equipment to start and stop immediately if abnormalities are found. After the start-up is normal, check whether the nozzle of each vibrating screen is blocked or falling off. Always observe the temperature and sound of the motor, often observe the sound of the exciter, and observe whether the vibration of the sieve is consistent with the four-corner amplitude and whether there is coal leakage. Loose or fall off, often observe the effect of dehydration and release. Check whether the inlet and outlet of the sieve are normal or not blocked.

Stop: Stop the machine after draining the material on the screen. When parking, observe whether the sieve collides with other equipment when passing through the resonance point. When the following situations are found, it must be stopped immediately. When encountering dangers to personal safety or equipment safety, when there are too many debris on the screen area and the unloading is not smooth, the screen is broken in a large area, the chute under the screen is seriously blocked, the screen box is severely swayed and other abnormal conditions. After the problem is eliminated, the vibrating screen can be restarted.